Why I should prefer to The Educdordia College

Ans. Here are many reasons but majors are:

  • First issue that student and parents face is the selection of future career. It helps the students and parents in career selection. This is done on the basis of careful scientific study of student aptitude and behavior.
  • Education cost and fee in the second issue of both students and parents. The Educordia has affordable fee structure. It provides fee installment facility to break the financial barrier. College also provide scholarships to kids of Shuhadas , widows as well as needs and disabled students.
  • Quality Education is a prominent feature of the College. It is required for every teacher to qualify teaching certification by Head Office to teach at College. Every student is provided the relevant video lectures from top ranking professors of MIT, Oxford University, and Hayward University to bring their knowledge at par with international standard.
  • College has adopted a unique CARE based teaching learning model. It is an effective way from CONCEPT to EXCELLENCE
  • Every Student needs guidance and counselling during the education. Head Office provides a counselor to every student to discuss his/her academic issues for the solution of the problems.
  • The Educordia provides a wide range of plate forms and road map to its students for personality development. It is committed to make its students successful and nice human beings.
  • Students has 24/7 access to international standard course content to enrich their knowledge and understanding.
  • The Educordia provides healthcare opportunities to its student, medical checkup, test, and consultation

Who is the owner of The Educordia College? 
Ans.The Educordia College is a project of “The Educare (SMC-Private) Limited”. The Educare was registered in 2015 to provide educational and allied services. It is working for educational excellence through its projects: The Educare Lyceum , Taaleem Learning Circle , The GEMS International , The Educoria College , Hybrid University , Edu Skills Th Taaleem TV , Taaleem Magazine , Educare Testing Board , The Educare Publishers , Edu Skills and Edu Ranking.

Where is Head Office  The Educordia College? 
Ans.The Educordia College  Head Office is at

63A Commercial, Central Park , Main Ferozpur Road Lahore

What are the benefits to the parents? 
Ans. The Educordia  is responsible for the education and personality development of the students. Parents need not to worry. No tuition is required to The Educarians. Parents can monitor the academic activity/attendance /results/ fee status/transportation route online 24/7.They may have medical history of their children from college.

What are the benefits to the students?  
Ans. A very comfortable learning enjoinment is provided to the student. Students learn conceptually, they need not cramming. Assignments are done under the supervision of teacher. No major teaching learning stress at home. Students may  watch Taaleem TV video lectures provide in their LMS better understanding of concepts.

What is the way of teaching learning at The Educordia ? 
Ans.In 50 minutes period, 30 minutes are for teacher to teach the students. 10 minutes are for Quize based on the delivered lesson/lecture to evaluate how much student have grasped. Next 10 minutes are for topic discussion under the supervision of teacher.

How the exam and Tests are conducted? 
Ans. Exam is conducted by relevant intermediate board however tests are conducted by the Head Office through Educare Testing Board (ETB).

How can one can contact the Head Office in case of any issue? 
Ans. Official communication with the head office is through E-Mail. Email of relevant departments have been provided at the contact us page of the website