Sports Board

Without co-curricular activities in academia as well as in all spheres of life, achieving creativity and productivity is out of question. As a healthy body keeps a healthy mind, taking an initiative like this is a positive sign.


One spirit, One team, One win


To instill the values of a champion in our students and make them disciplined, focused and perseverant

Mission statement

With a vision to unearth and groom the tremendous potential of students to make them exemplary sportsmen, The Educordia intends to indulge its widespread students in National and International sports.


The Educordia will hold competitions across Pakistan for different games like cricket, football, table tennis, and chess. Trials will take place in selected cities for each game; and potential players will be selected for the final team. This team will compete with other teams of different cities at Zonal level. In future, The Educordia is planning to hold inter schools & inter-sports club competitions as well. The intention will be to further groom the outstanding players to play at National and International level.